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I am an Author, Spiritual Mentor, Meditation Coach
with experience in Tarot Reading, Angel communication
and Soul communion, 
different kinds of Healing,
Chakras and Kundalini.

And I’m a Manifesting Master who uses all her gifts and powers
along with the tools & techniques I learned to manifest
dreams, desires and goals.

My vision is to awaken and connect people with their “Soul Power”
as that is the only tool which helps us receive the abundance
and prosperity, the happiness & fulfillment that we’re here for
and is our divine right.

I am often asked “How on earth you started all this & how do you know?”

The truth is, we all are manifesting spirits who have somehow lost our track or have veiled the truth with fear, doubt, consciousness of lack and thoughts of loosing.

I have been working on the veil since my childhood, earlier unconsciously and now consciously, as an adult. With my sessions I guide you and help you see your true inner potential.

Know that there is nothing “paranormal” in the Universe, except our limited understanding of nature, and there is no coincidence because everything is planned according to our karma & divine plan of life. What we think we “know” is just a tiny drop in the ocean of knowledge. Nature has all the information for whosoever wishes to find it.

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