5 Rituals to work with Full Moon in Cancer – 1st JAN 2018

Honor your SHIVA & SHAKTI

Cancer is all about emotions, home, balancing the outer with the inner, meditation and believing in oneself. This Full Moon in Cancer is all about the Shiva & Shakti, the Yin & the Yang, the inner & the outer, so embrace your yin as well as yang side.

Whatever you are working on give it all your attention and find ways and means to make it more supportive to others, helpful to others. Honor your compassion as well as your ambition.

Align everything in your life with love & kindness.


Get fueled by KINDNESS

Share, share and share as much as you can of your time, love, energy and service to your home, people, relatives, love and all the people who need it.

Don’t get bogged down by manipulations, but when you try to act only through kindness all the drama that there might be will heal itself.

Let your passion be for kindness to others whatever the other might be doing.


Master your MIND

Cancer is the sign which is quite deep in emotions, so there might be a lot of mind-play along with the emotional ups and downs. And if you want this time to really work for yourself, work with your mind and your thoughts.

Just be aware of them as much as you can. Things will change & shift in their own accord for your highest good when you do that.



Space whether your home or your office is an extension of your own energy, thoughts & beliefs, so if you really want to shift & change your life with the amazing energies work with the energy of your space.

Clean the energy, clean your space from all clutters and useless things. Change the arrangement if you want, use sage and sound to clear the energy.

Be aware of your WORDS

Words are magical when you are conscious of their power and use them to your own benefit. Even without our knowledge our talks, what we speak, the words that come out of our mouth, or what we write are really important and holds all the power to change course and affects us.

With emotional ups and downs we can get into trouble with our words too, so watch out!!!!


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