The powerful and wealthy energy of the 9 Nights of the Goddess (Navaratri) is here, taking the first step on the day of MAHALAYA –  8th October 2018, and then the first day 10th October to the 9th day 18th October being a roller-costar ride.


October is the month when the veil between this physical world and the world of higher realms is so thin that we get a glimpse of the strong and powerful forces we have for our bidding.

This is the month of ancestral healing and shifting the beliefs, thoughts and emotions in our DNA to our highest good, shift our bad/negative karma into something that works for our highest good and abundance, rather than creating difficulties and trauma.

Followed by the time of the Divine Feminine to connect with us again reminding us that the true power to change destinies lies in the palm of our hand, that we’re the one who can fight our own demons and always win.



Whatever be the difficulties, the blocks that we now have in our life or we’re anticipating them can be removed and the right path needed for us to materialize our dream life can be opened up now.



You know you’ve came a long way from the day of your first ascension, first awakening from the lower levels of sleep when you didn’t know what life was all about.

Now you’re conscious, you know your thoughts, emotions are a real thing, an energy being which affects your life irrevocably, you know that your Guardian Angels and your Higher-Self communicates to you when you’re silent in your mind and emotions. You can feel others energy as you can feel your own, you have this recollection of your different life-times and you understand that karma is not only of this lifetime and is in your cell level reality. 

And you know that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE!!!!!

While you’ve been upgrading yourself to claim the happiness, success and fulfillment your dream is, the ego-self is fighting too while creating new doubts, new fears, attracting new people in your life who put you down, who are jealous of you, new situations that push you into remembering the bad and forget that you’ve the power.

Not all the time our inner He-Man can stand up and say, “I have the power”, which is why the 9 nights of the Goddess is so important.

To everybody who want their life changed for good, and want to claim good health and success back, I am offering you this simple yet profound offering of letting the Goddess awaken your profound power so the next 6 months you attract and claim only happiness, solutions, right people, the divine love, rightful prosperity and the desired success for yourself.


This special program will cater to your important goals which you’ve intended but haven’t been able to achieve till now.


  • Maybe you have thought of them as important but till now haven’t got any opportunity or opening to start working on them.
  • Maybe you’re working to bring your desire but obstacles & difficulties are always there stopping your movement.
  • Your finances are still in dire difficulty.
  • You’re not attracting the right job/ right opportunity.
  • Your business is not working out for you.
  • You know you have talent but you’re losing out to others and are not able to make yourself visible to the clients you want.
  • You’ve been attracting all the wrong people on your dates.
  • Your relationship isn’t going anywhere and you feel stuck, disappointed, hurt and miserable.
  • Your physical health hasn’t been quite good even after various healing methods tried.
  • You’re always affected by others jealousy of you, and evil eye.
  • You have a feeling that you’ve been deliberately cursed, hexed or have been a victim of black magick.


You need to give me your Full Name and your Birthdate (when you were born on this earth plane).

For each day you’ll be given a small visualization which you’ve to do at the start of the day.

Affirmations will be given to be done each day of the 9 days and after it.

The image of each day’s Fire Ritual will be sent to you, which you need to keep meditating on.

Be in receptive mode throughout the day for receiving a particular days’ healing & manifesting energies.

Try best not to think negatively on the wishes you’ve given to work on with the Goddess.

While you drink water know that you’re grounding the energies of the Goddess within.

Meditate daily.

Note any and all changes happening and write them in your journal thanking the Goddess for them.

On the 9th day do the “Goddess Meditation”.

To bring the blessings faster in life keep meditating on it every two days of a week.

This Goddess Program will help you in every aspect of your life and if you want to manifest something specific it’ll help in that too. To work with this immensely powerful Goddess you need to have a crystal clear vision of your goal, your intention.



For the full 9-day ritual of manifestation & healing investment, including the visualization, affirmations and the Goddess Meditation along with consultation after the 9-days write to me at with the subject line, “My investment for 9 Day Goddess Program”.




To know more about the 9 days and the glory of them: