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Tarot – Beginner Course

This workshop is for beginners – no previous experience is required to attend. The main aim of this course is to show you ways to connect, know and use TAROT CARDS.

With this course the only requirement remains is of Tarot deck. This course has no time limit and is a self paced course where you have a “few question and answer sessions” and “few enlightenment sessions on Tarot”.

This Course will also help you awaken your inner powers to connect with the cards to seek proper guidance. If you are already connected with it then it will increase the connection for your benefit. This course includes, an introduction to the history of Tarot & what it actually is, exploration and knowledge of the symbols present in both the Major & Minor Arcana, storytelling with the Tarot to further deepen your initiation with it, practice questions are provided.

This course will help you learn how to do readings for yourself, friends and relatives. Developed for the beginner, the class provides structural meanings and interpretations of each suit. You will also learn about spreads & how to do individual reading sessions.

This course helps enormously with understanding of yourself, your situations, others & life in general, as well as deepening your psychic sensitivity & preparing you fully to continue on to the expert course if you so wish.