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CHAKRAS are seat of consciousness which helps us on the path to self discovery, happiness & fulfillment. If we work through our chakras with the intention of re-connecting to our divine consciousness we instantly shift the vibrations of our own being into the higher frequency of success, happiness & fulfillment.

We might be using many techniques, like mindfulness with affirmations, visualization, meditations to co-create the future we want, but we might have find that after a particular period when everything seems to be healing, we encounter situations through which we again go back to where we have started or we feel like that.

Remember, to master the mind takes time and methods which involves not one but different ways of stronger approach with higher wisdom and what I am revealing here is one of the ways which involves “Chakras”.

When we work consciously & deliberately for manifesting certain goals & utilize our chakras to meet them, we work twice as smartly and the conscious shift to success, happiness & fulfillment is easier.

For years I have worked with others to provide them with the happiness & fulfillment they want, as I have been treading the path myself. And my experience has shown me that “happiness” & “fulfillment” are not a goal to reach through spirituality, but they are already there within us & we only need to to reconnect with them and know how to.

My highest qualification in the field of higher life & higher self is my ability to connect to my inner Krishna and work with HIS “I AM” presence, a presence which is there in everybody and we only need awaken ourselves to it.

As I attempted to reconnect thus creating a sacred space for me in this Universe though which I have been rewarded a re-connection with one of my life time of being an “High Priestess”. I AM a yogini with knowledge and wisdom of the sacred divine in many forms and one of them being the “Sacred Symbols”.

I everyday connect with it and let this wisdom flow through me to ground it into my everyday life.

I have two personal symbols and they work with me in my healing, manifestations, in changing my mood if I am down & out, in creating the right environment when I am entertaining, in clearing the energy of my space, during meditation and it also protects me from any & all kinds of harm.

Sacred Symbols can do just that for you & more, depending what is your divine plan of life and where you are right now. It brings miraculous shifts and awakening to happiness & fulfillment like never before. It strengthens the connection between you & the Universe & Angelic Realm, thus helping you with your own energy & power. If you feel its time you need to discover your own power, connect to me.



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This session will bring together the energy of your Guardian Angels, Archangels & Guides to create a space of love & protection.

Paulamie first connects with your inner guide/ Higher Self/Krishna Consciousness and seeks answers for the difficulties/issues or questions you have. Together then both of you discuss the pathway to healing & abundance and a plan is devised for your highest good.

Paulamie reconnects with your Krishna/Christ Consciousness and her guides to draw in your Personal Symbol. She handholds you on how to meditate on it, how to use it and connect with it in your daily life.

What can you expect from this session:

  • Honesty & Trust
  • True Guidance
  • Soul Centered questions
  • Hope

DURATION: 1.5 hrs.

COST: $150*



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A Chakra Reading involves scanning your chakras. Since, we exist on many levels – physical, energy, emotional, mental, karmic and spiritual, chakras are linked to all of our levels/realms of being.

Many Masters stated the fact that diseases starts somewhere at the emotional, mental or energy body levels, and takes a while to sink into the physical. Through her prolonged association with healing Paulamie has experienced imbalance in chakras at different vibrational levels of being and she has known thereafter that the chakras are connected to our karmic obligations too.

Paulamie starts this session by connecting with the Masters, Angels & your Guides and then she connects with you. Through this reading you will gain insights regarding your mental, emotional and physical states.

Paulamie will then give you two healing symbols and will handhold you in using them for your benefit.

What can you expect through this session:

  • Complete trust
  • Honest & true information
  • Open discussions & ways to heal
  • Hope

DURATION: 45 mins to 1 hr.


For all the services which you pay here, 10% of it is given to a charity which goes either to feeding, medication or development.

I do believe in God but you became the channel for me to reach him…….

H. Chitra

When it comes to life, you are the only savior from its difficulties….. 

G. Shristi

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