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Discover the magic hidden within you and the creative force of the universe combined through “The e-Journal of Successful Manifesting”.


This e-Journal is full of magical & strong energies, so potent that within a few days of using it, you’ll see a shift within you. And to change the outer world, we need to change the inner world first, which we start with this e-Journal of transformation & awakening.


How can an e-Journal bring about awakening?

It’s because this isn’t just a journal but a practice metaphor combined with the power of sound/mantras, colors, sacred symbols and that of gratitude. It also presents two amazingly powerful meditation of manifestation & gratitude which transforms, shifts but with the gentleness we often desire from life.


This e-Journal includes some well aware but still hidden from the masses the eastern spiritual knowledge which others just skim on the surface which is yours’ to work with through this journaling.


The power of sound is not only included in mantras but in the use of the “I AM” name of God but in a new way through which results follow simultaneously. This is not one of those journals where you work but are kept guessing if there were any changes because the changes are so prominent through this e-Journal.


This e-Journal also helps in our ascension, reconnecting strongly to our higher self, because without the strong connection manifestations are futile. This is not for manifesting mindlessly or maniac manifesting but discovering the happiness, fulfillment, peace, harmony and abundance & prosperity in our life.

This e-Journal includes:

A detailed & extensive e-book of 48 pages

4 Downloadable Sheets

3 Meditations

2 Meditation audio-file

The sheets are meant to help you dive deep within yourself. During my experience with law of attraction and manifesting I saw that many a times what we want is not the actual need. This same experience I’ve had with my clients too, which is why I tried to probe about new ways to understand and connect with our deepest desires & goals which are the ones that our souls prized about.

Meditation, Color Therapy used in an unique way and Sacred Symbols add to the charisma of this e-Journal. I’ve experience deep satisfaction, happiness and peace through this, along with some of my clients who have helped it shape to the wonderful form it is now.

This journal is one of those which will teach how to do more while doing less, finding our deepest desire, re-connecting strongly with our divine self, getting amazing assistance in every work, every relationship, every path that we take up. It aligns us majestically to the divine path of our life which many of us are still trying to find.

An amazing tool, and you know it’s for you when you are ready to come out in the open, be naked to your soul desires and wanting to succeed!!!!