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Inner-God Vibrations© Healing 

Paulamie performs Inner-God Vibrations© Healing sessions both by Skype globally or in person in New York City.  You can have a 40 mins. Session or 1 hr. session where she combines Chakra Reading & healing together.

You can also take up her reading session along with her healing and chakra reading. It’s a good idea to have the readings first so to have complete and specific intentions for the healing session. Sometimes you may not be sure about what kind of healing you need and that’s totally okay because the Inner-God Vibrations healing is more than a psychic or energy healing. It combines the forces of nature and the cosmos to give you an intense treatment through the energies so your needs are met holistically of a strong mind, body and emotion.

If you are feeling exhausted, burdened and can feel a lot of negativity around, then this session will uplift that too apart from the more basic healing.


What is ‘Inner-God VibrationsHealing’? 

 This healing technique is one of its own and Paulamie has developed it through the years she has been a healer, a channel and an empath.She has healed herself well after a fatalistic accident which has rendered her limbs non-effective.

During the period of complete oblivion of 3 whole days she had been given knowledge and wisdom of the higher kind which she has never hesitated to use. And after that as years rolled by she channeled more. Inner-God Vibrations is a perfect combination of all the powerful energies of earth, water, fire, ether, air along with the “Chi” energy of the cosmos. The Chi energy is one of the most powerful forces of healing when activated from the cosmos. This is a “no-touch, no-drug” healing and the energies can be felt during the session who are more sensitive. Even if you’re not and the energies if they want you to feel, you will certainly feel.

Many of my clients have felt the negative energy drain from them which leaves them happy as well as feeling healthier.

Paulamie is a Reiki, Pranic, Angel Healer, a Shamanic practitioner, and works closely with the Masters and high beings of light.

What is Energy Release? 
Energy release is clearing the aura and chakras of the toxic and negative thought forms of others and emotions which are not us. It also is about cord cutting and clearing psychic attacks. It is inclusive in the Inner-God Vibrations healing.

What Will Happen in the Session?
The sessions are for you to receive abundance from the universe in the form of physical, mental & emotional well-being & balance. It’s a simple process for you as Paulamie will guide you while answering your questions and going through the chakra reading process.

You may be asked to be seated or lay down. You will be needed to relax and close your eyes while just assimilating the energies.

Paulamie will constantly guide you, communicate with you throughout the session about her feelings while you will be welcome to make a rejoinder.

Will I Feel Anything?

Each person experiences energy differently. Some may feel warmth, tingling, goose bumps or will just have a knowing that the energy is working through them. Some of you might feel a sense of peace, calm within and even lighter.

 Paulamie has seen that even people who are not attune to Angels ca feel them during the session. Inner-God Vibrations is not only safe & harmonious but it connects you deeply to your core of power so your healing is rapid & easy.

But if you don’t feel anything that’s good too. For some of us it takes time to open up as we feel vulnerable I opening us up even to the energies and a higher being. Don’t rush the process, trust in you and the universe. When you place your trust, your divine sensitivity will re-connect with you because you see its always there, but since you have built a wall so it can’t connect. So just relax and enjoy the session.    

After the Session

Each individual is different and so the self-care and consciousness after a healing session are different. Paulamie according to the information she receives during a session talks about it but some self-care tips works for everybody.

  • Drnk a lot of fluid (non-alcohol) including water
  • Grounding & Centering everyday
  • Shielding everyday
  • Remain conscious of thoughts every few hours a day and work on changing them
  • Create a diary where you note what you are feeling through the next few days after the session (Healing triggers areas which are hidden from consciousness but affect us in the worst possible way)
  • When you encounter any new feelings or thoughts center yourself again
  • Take at least half an hour for yourself
  • Practice Meditating and working with Angels & Guide

The Inner-God Vibrations Process

“Inner-God Vibrations©” Healing sessions offers no-touch, no-drug quantum energy healing which restores the balance by healing & releasing the lower vibrations thus creating space for love, peace, joy, and harmony. It then energizes those spaces opened up for energy with the abundance and light of the cosmos thus bringing in the right alignment and balance emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually.

The process includes crystals, fire and healing elixirs from Paulamie apart from energy through the Angels and universe. She channels the energy of higher beings & Masters too throughout the session.

Each session varies according to the need of an individual and what they can be receptive too. There is mantra chanting and meditation involved, if necessary.

Inner-God Vibrations loosens our deep-seated karmic, negative & diseased energies from our mind, emotions & body thus helping us with greater awareness & transformation thus resurfacing our balanced state of being.

Fees: $110 (1 hr) or $70 (40 mins)
Services available on Skype or in person in New York City.