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Manifest with the POWER of ANGELS 

The Higher Consciousness of the Universe

Angels are the powerful beings of light. They are connected to the all-encompassing and tremendous source of life-prana, the supreme being or God. Many of us believe that Angels are cute and fluffy and all things corresponding to high sensitivity. While this holds true up to a certain level, the Angels are not only that but they came to me as a strong force of divinity. They seem to have a tremendous Aura which was expansive and feels super powerful.

Connecting with the Angels in this form can be supremely satisfying and helps in reuniting us with our soul power and inner light which is just as strong & powerful.

“Attract & Create with the Angels of Manifestation” is not only a way for me to reach out to you and help you get connected to your higher-self as I’ve done but also is a knowledge of high standpoint and high vibrational energies which will endeavor for you to bring the right shifts and high vibes.

With this course you’ll be able to materialize all that you’ve ever dreamt of, will know how to align your desires with your Angels & Soul and thus work with their guidance which seldom fails.

Manifestation is also about awakening, ascending and bringing in profound shifts in our energy and which this course promptly offers.


What will you learn apart from the rituals/meditations,

The Names of Angels and Archangels of Manifestation

Exercise and Invocations for the manifestation

A Healing Meditation with the Angels to remove obstacles

Sacred and powerful symbols

Attract & Create with the Angels of Manifestation Course includes

A 31 Page PDF Attract & Create with the Angels of Manifestation Coursebook and 6 Workbooks

This course is a direct channeling from the Angels and archangels of manifestation and the work-experience of Paulamie as an Angel Healer, reader and teacher.

.MP3 Audio downloads

Meditation for meeting the Angels of manifestation

Awaken, awaken and manifest meditation with Angels

Connecting with the Angel Symbols meditation

This course has been designed with the Angels of manifestation to help you integrate, learn, and become attuned to the manifestation energy and the angels so that you can access them whenever you want and derive results. 

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Guardian Angel Meditation – $11
Cleansing & Vacuuming with AA Michael & AA Metatron – $22
Healing with AA Raphael – $9.99
Healing Karma with AA Metatron & AA Zadkiel – $33

The symbols of each angel of manifestation adds another dimension to the manifestation process. The symbols I have been using are quick to heal, to connect me to the creative energy of the Angels and rather amazing in healing and removing a blockage or roadblock. If nothing happens then too I am shown visions and given ideas on which I need to act. So, there’s nothing called “Nothing” here.

Angel Symbols are of highest love energy and the purest form of the creative energy of the universe, the supreme being, “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh” or “YAHweh”.

Symbols are a form of celestial gifts from these immensely powerful celestial beings and this course has some powerful channeled symbols dedicated to help and support in our path and us profoundly at all times.

BUY NOW at $77

I am so happy I connected with you and took the 11-day Angel Challenge and then the Course. Your angel meditation was really powerful for me and your inputs helped me a lot.

S. Jasmine

I LOVED this course. I used the meditation and suddenly many of my negativity was so clear to me and acceptable too. As you’ve always said acceptance is a big step towards manifesting and angels are helping me through it. Powerful and magical. Deeply grateful.

Morgan D.

Thank you Paulamie for starting this course of Angel manifestation. I’m working through it and since the first day of meditation, I could feel the effect through my whole body.


To my dearest Paulamie,

Your Attract & Create with Angels of Manifestation course has been a gift that I cannot explain too well with words because it has been an amazing feeling. As you know, before the course, I’ve been plagued with low self-esteem issues, unsatisfactory work environment and toxic/codependent relationship problems. I did not have enough confidence to feel that I can reach the end of this dark tunnel. I felt like I had years to work on myself and reach a certain goal of being happy with myself. However, during the course with the regular meditation plan, I felt there was much guidance and healing light from angels, especially Archangel Metatron.  I dreamt of rainbows, shooting stars and bright horizons with a sailboat. Within 3 weeks, I was able to manifest a sense of self-confidence and self-love through the performing arts,temporarily transferred to a new job to help out a short-staffed preschool that was filled with much abundance and joy and lastly, I received so much kindness and blessings from my closest relationships/friendships without me needing to sacrifice or work hard towards proving my worth. Everything that needed to be released, flowed away and everything that is abundant has been flowing steadily towards me and I hope this will continue long-term. Thank you Paulamie for your love and friendship!! Magic is all around!! 

Cindy from Seattle

Once again thank you for this awesome opportunity to learn and connect with the angels of manifestation.

Since having started on my journey of awakening, you are the first person to really introduce me to the angels of love and light and manifestation in depth.  With the religious background I have, I have been sceptical to perform practices/prayers that would connect me with any unearthly beings like the divine angels.  Following you and watching your videos has led me to that place of trust and comfort and I must say that connecting with the angels has been an incredible experience.  I have experienced physical signs/sensations, animal appearances/signs after requests; these have confirmed the connections with my divine Angels.

Through the course I have learned, realised and acknowledged the blocks I bear in my inner world, blocking me from positively benefiting from the Law Of Attraction.  I got to understand how the angels operate and how their divinity connects to my daily experiences,  The biggest lesson for me is letting go of control, I realised that aspects of my life are interconnected therefore I need to extensively work with my inner self to experience my deepest desires in a connected way.  The angel meditations somehow enabled me to reach that inner part of me and I thank them for continuously working with me, it is a miraculous experience I cannot really explain in many words. I am still in the first 10 days, I might be struggling a bit with recognising or understanding the energies but I have experienced a lot of through feeling sensation on my body especially during the I AM THAT I AM invocation (tingling on my forehead, tingling on my palms as well  as through the whole body).  

I also appreciate getting to know each angel by name and its function, I have a better understanding of them and feel like I am getting to now know them personally, I am also gaining more confidence to communicate with them anywhere and everywhere I am.

I hope that this review will contribute to your courage to keep up with the work you are doing.  Thank you very much Paulamie, I love you!

Stay blessed.

M. Nomfundo