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My Story

My life taught me how things & situations can go from good to worse, and in that life threatening moment, what can be done & how to turn around time in your favor.

Till I started college my life was quite sheltered and amazing with very few struggle, difficulty or issues and I enjoyed my secluded time with the divine & universe even when I was not consciously doing it. My family is very spiritual, so dreaming about the number I will get in my exam & getting the same, predicting things I never knew and them coming true, hearing the voice of Angels/Universe in my ears for a significant event to happen were normal to me. Some of my friends won’t comment on them and some purely ignored them ? The familiarity of my spiritual gifts had became so mundane to me that then I never thought of them to be special or work with them consciously.

Isn’t that’s the way we all look at our self, forgetting how special and magical we are. We never fully trust our own inner strength, inner power, thus transfering the power to the outside forces.

My first jolt of awakening came when my Grandfather died and I had two very life altering experiences then. Hearing my Grandpa’s voice & feeling his energy body was my first profound experience. With time the mundane life & the career I had became my constant excuse for not working with the realm of miracles and I became more and more entangled with the physical world, outside glamour and power, even after the miraculous experiences. My time of comeuppance came, with deliberate “Psychic Attacks” on me. I am a clairvoyant since my child hood days and have a very strong intuition; and that is why I saw the harmful energies that were being targeted towards me for getting means & end to their desires.

At different point of times we all have been subjected to these psychic attacks, which might be deliberate or not. So, when you are sure of success and you fail, when you are sure of happiness & peace and get chaos, when you know that abundance & prosperity is to come but lack opens up, or when you thought so lovingly about love & friendship but something went wrong and there is only bitterness & hatred, remember that your aura is attracting psychic attacks. And many of you like me might be, sensitive enough to feel and see the effects in your life. People are eaten away by jealousy, hated, anger, resentment and, many people in your life might have it towards you with or without reason. So when somebody is hoping that things will go bad for you or are projecting heavy jealous thoughts, unpleasant changes might occur in our life.

For me this testing time became a time of enlightenment, because somehow I was losing my self, losing my personality, so had to learn a lot, starting from developing compassion, forgiveness & courage to let go.

And then I had a severe accident in 2012. When this life altering accident happened, I went in coma for a few days battling for my senses, my life. But this time, even with fears, depression & isolation of senses, I found universe very near and my experience while struggling for my life became a kind of awakening. I received higher knowledge on manifestation, healing & living life to the fullest, which I included in my healing while I went back home. And seeing the wonderful results, I started offering my support to others like me, who were battling through life to manifest the life of their dreams.

Fear is such an energy that arouses a lot of malevolent emotions within us thus hampering our growth, healing & manifestation. Our vibrational frequency, our auric energy is immediately affected as in my case and we lose the belief, trust we have in our self and also on universe, the supreme God. It is a strongly twisted energy and it takes up space in our psyche, our subconscious in such a way that it builds itself up in layers, so when you peel one, the other will sprout. We might be tuning in everyday to the divine with meditation, prayers, invocations, affirmations, yoga & other mindful practices, but still when we haven’t expected; fear & panic will rear its head and turn our world. This is what was happening to me but as universe worked through me these energies are losing their chance with me ever since.

I am sharing it here with you, because I know how things can turn our world, and life goes good to bad & even worse, and there are days when we don’t know how to turn the tide. I want to say, that I CARE, I care about all the difficulties we go through in manifesting a life of our dreams. But, as I progressed with my life altering experiences, I never faltered in my manifestations, ever; and helped a lot of people going through difficulties. Every year I have achieved 70-80% or more of my visions for the time. When throughout this period of low energy vibrations, I can keep manifesting and developing, you too can!!!!

My vision is to reconnect and awaken us to our own Divinity, thus empowering us so that even if the harmful energies, inside & outside us remains, it will not have the power to affect us and we can manifest continuously all of the precious dreams. I have found the path to be free, to be happy, to be contended, and if you want the same join me to find your own Divine within you.

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