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I believe in manifesting dreams in reality of physical life and have constantly worked for it. Manifestation is a process of awakening our inner strength, inner power, reconnecting with our divine self and when we do that and set us on a path of self-discovery we manifest the desires, dreams & wishes we have.

I myself has manifested my dreams, desires & wishes in reality and have seen many of my friends doing the same with the guided procedure.

Every divination tool I learned, I made it a point to make it a part of my own soul and then I found new ways to manifest the fulfillment & happiness I crave for.

If you want to shift your reality and manifest the love, happiness & fulfillment you crave out of your life, join me.


This course is a guide to learning healing in the most simplified, but in a highly profound way. Learn about your inner self, your aura, discover abilities hidden within you. This course will teach you about self-healing, meditation, healing others, chakras & their analysis & space healing.

You will learn the true power of mantras & invocations and how to work with them, the strength & power a “sacred symbols” holds and how can we use them for healing, manifesting & fulfilling our life is exclusive to this course.

This course brings forth the wisdom of one of my previous lifetimes as a high-priestess and so you will learn many charismatic & magical ways of being and among it is learning how just waving of your fingers can make a dramatic shift in energies around.

This is an introductory course and Paulamie is looking forward to introducing the second level of the same.



Healing through Communicating with your Soul

This course is about reconnecting yourself to your divine self/higher self, your soul. You will know how to access guidance from your soul, with step-by-step methods.

You will not only learn how to discriminate between your Soul’s voice and your “ego”, but will know how to access the guidance whenever you want it. This course will increase the inner hidden powers you have and will let you discover them. “Soul Communion” will help you learn, acquire and understand esoteric knowledge, will trigger your healing and soul growth.

Your divine self is awaiting you to access it so that you live a life of fulfillment & happiness. From the first day this course will strengthen your belief in yourself.


For all the services which you pay here, 10% of it is given to a charity which goes either to feeding, medication or development.

I knew your course will be good and it was pretty awesome for me and the changes that I am now bringing in my life…. 

G. Mousumi

I thank my mentor, my guide and my “Angel” on Earth, Paulamie Mukherjee for being a gorgeous channel of love and light for me, for introducing me to the Angelic World and for being ever so loving, compassionate and understanding…….

S. Chaity

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