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Research has proven that the spaces in which we live have an impact on healing and well-being. In a research it was seen in a hospital by medical researcher Roger Ulrich that people who underwent operation and were given a room with a view of greenery recovered quickly than those who saw a wall. And not only that the effect of sound, seeing the sunlight were some factors among many.

Decluttering has also become a science of managing one’s home and thus one’s stress level, happiness and productivity perfectly.

Taking this a step further is the way of using energy and one’s intention in cleansing a space of all unwanted and redundant energies which are a hindrance to abundance, happiness & growth.

Everything that happens affects the energy in the space around us. We all know what it’s like to walk into a room in the office to brainstorm and immediately we feel our stress go up, or a room where people are arguing and its like the feeling of cutting air with a knife.

As time goes by these energies of frustration, anger, depression becomes stagnant and more malignant creating blocks & difficulties in our life, our work and health too. Our finances start dwindling, we never have enough, there is no happiness around and our relationships are to the point of being kaput. Due to these stagnant and malignant energies our law of attraction ritual fails or at least new difficulties keep cropping up from nowhere and we’re left wondering what went wrong.

Space Healing uses gentle but powerful techniques to shift the difficult and negative energy and create a space of abundance & healing in homes and workplaces. A Space Healing will help to in every Aspect of your life, starting from shifting your finances, relationship, luck and manifesting all you ever desired for.

The Mantra Healing and the Fire Healing are one of a kind and takes you deeper into your psyche to connect with the universe, its energies and with your higher self. They are awakening and creating, flowering and beautifying not only the space but our energy too.

Space Healing helps your space discover its soul.

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