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I have been intuitive through my early childhood, and it was great fun then. Knowing exactly how much mark I’m scoring to the new place I am visiting, I could see all in my dreams and when I sat alone on terrace every night. Angels were always there with me then, but at that point I didn’t had their conscious knowledge, but even then every information I received from them through my intuition was accompanied by this beautiful flowery scent.

When I grew up, during my college degree, I became more curious as I began manifesting things, even people & situations with the use of my mind and visuals. Then I started my journey with TAROT, although an amateur my cards spoke to me and they have never stopped.Through these cards I can see the blocks, the issues, and the beliefs that are the main reason for making you miserable while blocking your manifestations.

As new dimensions started getting added to my spiritual self, the study of TAROT and the readings became much more than mere forecasting about events, people, situations.

I don’t do reading about, “When will I……”, but “How can I?”, because TAROT for me is a tool for manifesting dreams into reality and so I use every knowledge, every knowing, every wisdom I am given at the time of reading to provide you with the best reading.

For all the services which you pay here, 10% of it is given to a charity which goes either to feeding, medication or development.


TAROT gives you insights about things that matters most, so when you know what can come, you can either go with it or work to change it, depending upon the outcome you want.

As a guide tarot is an excellent one as it gives you intuitive insights for your future, so whatever your dream & desires might be, you can manifest them with full knowledge of what to do & how to do it. Without the guidance of tarot everything else are, just assumptions.

While reading I use both the knowledge of tarot, and other metaphysical sciences like, numerology, colors, angels, chakra analysis & soul communion to help you see the real causes of the concern/situation which lie deeper than expected and so you have more clarity; you are open to different options as solutions & thus solve your issues far more easily. I will also make you aware of all the energy blocks which might be hampering your manifestation. With the right knowledge its easier to become a manifesting spirit.

Professional tarot reading also accompanies “Archangel Messages” that you need at that time, for the particular situation.

Tarot Online & Correspondence Courses

Discover the new dimensions with these courses.

Beginner's Tarot

  • Medium – Correspondence
  • Learn to Connect with your Tarot
  • Learn to Know your Tarot
  • Enlightenment Sessions
  • Awaken Your Inner Powers
  • Get Answers from Tarot

Tarot Expert

  • Medium – Correspondence/ Online
  • Learn Advanced Connection Techniques
  • Unravel the Hidden Messages of Tarot cards
  • Enlightenment Sessions
  • Learn to Make Tarot a Part of You
  • Learn to Hear the Detailed Story

Paulamie, when I read your spot on reading was so excited and put my all into it. Yes you right, Paulamie you are so right about my job. It did!

Nuraan Van Kerwel

Absolutely fantastic insights for which I am most grateful….

G. Manika

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