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Visualization is a supreme way of changing our quantum reality, the quantum reality of our body and from there our cellular structure which creates our energy. When our energy changes the quantum reality of our life changes too.


For me visualization has always worked better because it uses our emotions, our feelings as a fuel to manifest our desires and that is the best way. All humans have passionate feelings in loads and turning them as fuel for manifesting our desires is the smartest tool & technique. It works wonderfully with our subconscious which has redundant beliefs, thoughts & feelings and thus create difficulties and blockages in our path.


The visualization exercise is each a master in itself as it not only uses the Power of Words to bring the visual effect but also uses inspired imagination and visuals to affect the subconscious and shifts its energy to what we want.


Guided visualization is always better than reading and then doing or thinking and doing it because the voice used is kind of a self-hypnosis for your subconscious and it responds faster and better. While one works with these exercises recorded in perfect voice modality to work with the theta state of mind so that it affects the subconscious with awareness, our innate fears U& doubts slowly dissolve and even if they are there we are more aware to understand them and work through them without creating difficulties and blockages in our path to success. Each guided visualization comes at $27.



How it works:

  • Let me know of your desire/desires

  • In one exercise only 1 wish could be worked on or 2 if the wishes are related to each other

  • Prioritize your list of goals & intentions (for clear intention setting sheet FREE write to me)

  • Know what you really want

  • Write them down

  • Ask for “Visualization Exercises” for the most important ones

  • Pay the charge

  • Receive your mp3 within 24-48 hours

  • Each visualization is created after connecting to your energy and is unique from others


 What to expect:

  • It helps heal past trauma, sadness, heartbreak and pain

  • Heals certain physical diseases

  • Can change the course of a situation

  • Brings motivation, inspiration and new ideas

  • Can bring success, abundance, prosperity by shifting old belief system within you which you’re not even aware of

  • You become conscious of what kind of difficulties your subconscious/ ego-self has been throwing at you

  • Feel more powerful & more control of any situation

  • Create and manifest your goals better and in an easier, faster manner

  • Maximizes your focus and potential on all levels

  • Activates the Law of Attraction quanta in your body, mind and emotions

My journey with visualization meditation was not easy at the beginning. I tried to do it at least 2 times a day when I was feeling quieter, so in the morning and in the evening. Because of the tiredness, it was harder in the evening because I was also fighting the sleep, but it went better with time.

Even if I was following your voice, the first 3 days I was always being bothered by my own thoughts. The thing that really helped me was to stay focused on the feeling of joy and happiness I would feel being in that company. That feeling helped me a lot and thanks to it, it became easier to visualize me holding my paycheck for example, following your instructions.

During the day, I also tried to revive this feeling as much as possible. And then, the magic happened .

Thank you so much for everything!

F. Akosiwa

I have been doing the visualization meditation and it’s like I feel so good than before my pain has also decreased and i feel full of energy and vitality. I know that this will cure me and I can’t wait to unfold more as I go deep down for the answers I seek.

Lots of love and peace.


P. Rahul

I’m stunned by the effect of this visualization that you gave me. I believed in it but never experienced quite something like this. It helped my fears and the best part is, I’m attracting all that I thought was not possible.

God bless you for your help in my transformation. Along with the tarot reading this was a boon for me.


D. Allen